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Certified Trade-in Value

A Certified Trade-In Value or CTV certificate protects a vehicle-owner or lessee for up to $2,000 against any financial devaluation to their vehicle resulting from market forces including recalls, economic events or car-buying trends!  And this amazing protection is available at no cost to you.

Canadian Black Book

The certified trade-in value is the vehicle’s future value as calculated by Canadian Black Book.

New or Used

Buy or lease, the certified trade-in value is offered on new vehicles and used vehicles five model years old or less.



You’re paying a lot of money for your vehicle.  It’s one of your most important investments, so it makes sense to protect it.  Services like car insurance, extended warranties and rust-proofing exist to protect that investment.

But even if you do everything right, your vehicle’s resale value can still take a costly hit through no fault of your own!  There are many types of events you hear about everyday that can have a devastating impact on the value of your vehicle:

  • Economic downturns
  • Rising gas prices
  • Manufacturing safety recalls
  • Technological developments
  • Consumer trends

Studies have demonstrated the extent to which these events depreciate the value of a vehicle, sometimes by thousands of dollars.

The Certified Trade-In Value protects your investment from this type of depreciation. Better still is that it’s available at no cost to you. See your participating dealer.

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