The CTV program is the ultimate retention program combining target marketing strategy of private sales with the value proposition of an aftermarket product. It is ideal for dealerships looking for the cutting edge in loyalty solutions.

CTV is your turnkey loyalty program.
Small investment, big return.

Customer peace of mind

Vehicle values at trade-in will be guaranteed1

Loyalty is critical

The CTV program is an investment in the future success of the dealership.

Names you can trust

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Certified Trade-in Value

The Certified Trade-In Value (CTV) program guarantees that the future trade-in value of a customer’s vehicle will not be less than the vehicle’s certified trade-in value. If at trade-in time the vehicle’s value is less than the certified trade-in value, the CTV program will cover the difference.

Canadian Black Book

The certified trade-in value is the vehicle’s future value as calculated by Canadian Black Book.

Designated Trade-in Period

This certified trade-in value will be available to the customer during a designated trade-in period which commences 30 days prior to the halfway point in the finance contract.


The CTV program is the ultimate retention program combining elements of a private sale with the value proposition of a warranty.

When customers buy or lease a vehicle from a participating dealer, each one receives a CTV certificate.  The CTV certificate identifies a trade-in period during which the customer can trade-in their vehicle at a guaranteed minimum price or Certified Trade-In Value.  The trade-in period will correspond to 30 days preceding the halfway point of the vehicle finance term. Immediately prior to the trade-in period, the customer will be contacted and invited to visit the dealer, in the manner of a private sale, to take advantage of their CTV certificate.  The customer, knowing he/she has a potential benefit under the CTV certificate, is incentivized to return to the dealer for a trade-in.

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